How do I buy BUSD?

There are the 3 main methods for buying BUSD.

1) Buy BUSD on an exchange like Binance and transfer to Metamask.

You can buy BUSD on exchanges such as Binance. The first video explains how to trade ETH for BUSD - if you don’t have ETH in your Binance account no problem - follow the same steps but select the token that you own and want to change to BUSD. Ensure that there is a trading pair between your token and BUSD e.g. USDT/BUSD, BNB/BUSD. If there isn’t a BUSD trading pair for your token on Binance you will need to either trade your token to a token that has a trading pair with BUSD, or, send tokens that are paired with BUSD from another wallet/account to your Binance account.

Once you have BUSD in Binance watch this next video to learn how to send tokens from Binance to Metamask. Make sure that Metamask is on Smart Chain (BEP-20) and that you send BUSD from Binance over the Smart Chain (BEP-20) network.

2) Swap directly from your Metamask wallet

If you have tokens in Metamask you can swap them to BUSD using Metamask’s in-built swap function. Make sure that you are on Smart Chain (BEP-20) before trying to swap. Select the tokens in your wallet that you want to swap for BUSD and click Swap (next to Send), enter the amount of tokens that you want to swap and select BUSD as the token that you want to swap to. Metamask will present you with one or more offers. Select the offer and approve the transaction by following the prompts. In a few minutes you should have your BUSD in your Metamask wallet.

This video explains how to swap BNB to BUSD but if you don’t have BNB you can try swapping with a token that you have in your Metamask wallet.

3) Swap on Pancake Swap using Metamask

Lastly, you can swap tokens in your Metamask wallet on Pancake Swap by following these steps.

  • Go to
  • Login to your preferred crypto wallet – we will use metamask for this walkthrough.
  • Select Smart Chain in metamask
  • ClickConnect Wallet
  • Select the wallet that you have tokens in and wish to use to buy BUSD.
  • Metamask app should pop-upaccept the prompts to connect your wallet.
  • ClickTradeSwap
Watch this short video for the remainder of the steps.