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MetFi is the world's first DeFi 2.0 collectible NFT ecosystem focused on incubating Metaverse and Web3 unicorns.

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MetFi aspires to be the world's #1 metaverse and web3 incubator, executing strategic early-stage investments in the next wave of metaverse and web3 unicorns, giving individuals like you an early stake in metaverse and web3 projects before the general public.
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Sus tokens MFI siempre permanecen en tu wallet
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When you purchase a MetFi NFT you also receive complimentary MetFi tokens (MFI) that are staked to the NFT.
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¿Cuánto quieres invertir?Obtendrá
Nivel de NFT 4
Valor del Token en stake
Valor del Token después de 1 año
1 Año ROI
Valor del Token después de 2 años
2 Años ROI
+ Comisiones de MetFi
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You will receive more tokens every day just for staking.

Sin bloqueo - ¡Libertad total!

Unstake your tokens or sell your NFTs at any time.

All profits from NFT and token sales are sent to the treasury for investment in metaverse and web3 projects.

You can add more MFI tokens to your NFT at any time and watch them grow exponentially thanks to the power of compound interest.

Acerca de

MetFi is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) - the community owns and controls MetFi by voting.

The community controls MetFi's direction.

MetFi operates via smart contracts living on the blockchain that have been permanently locked. This allows anyone to audit MetFi's open-source code whilst making it impossible for anyone to change it.

The smart contract operates autonomously which means it is self-executing, running independently, without any human intervention, performing only the tasks that it was programmed to perform.

MetFi is for anyone that wants to generate passive, fixed, compounding interest.

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Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Puedo vender mis NFTs?Yes, you can sell your NFT at any time.
¿Puedo retirar mis tokens y venderlos?Yes, you can sell (and buy) MFI tokens on Pancake Swap at any time.
¿Qué es el staking? Staking is the process of earning passive rewards in the form of new MFI tokens simply for holding MFI tokens in your wallet.
¿Cuánto interés compuesto puedo ganar?You can earn up to 1000% per year.
¿Fluctúa el tipo de interés?No, the interest rate is fixed for life.
¿A quién pertenece MetFi?MetFi is owned and controlled by all MetFi community members that own MFI tokens.
¿Por qué debería comprar un MetFi NFT? Buying a MetFi NFT gives you a stake in all MetFi treasury investments. Profits generated by the treasury are dispersed daily to all MetFi NFT owners in the form of newly minted MetFi (MFI) tokens. The number of new MFI tokens that you receive is entirely dependent on the NFT that you own and the number of MFI tokens that you have staked.
¿Cómo compro un NFT?You only need a minimum balance of 100 BUSD in your wallet, plus some change for gas to buy NFT 1, the Shrimp. Simply click on the NFT that you want to buy and approve the transaction to become the proud owner of a MetFi NFT.
¿Cómo compro BUSD?Please follow the tutorial aquí.
¿No puedo ver los BUSD en mi wallet?If you are using MetaMask you will most probably need to import the BUSD token to your assets. To do this:
  • Abra su MetaMask
  • Mira la pestaña de Activos bajo tu cuenta
  • Desplácese hasta la parte inferior para localizar el botón "Importar tokens" y haga click en él
  • Insertar esta dirección de token: 0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56
  • Confirme haciendo click en "Añadir token personalizado"
If the other fields don’t fill in automatically double check the token address and add:
  • Símbolo del Token: BUSD
  • Decimal del Token 18